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You will find here the following items:

  • Sony GDM20D11 Separate Sync Modification, a step-by-step explanation of how to give your GDM20D11 monitor support for separate sync (pictures included).

  • Locating Failed Chips on a Sun 501-1102 "Sirius" RAM Board, a description of the DRAM IC layout on an older Sun VME RAM card and how to use the boot PROM error messages to locate the failed chip.

  • KVM cable pinouts for BlackBox, Rose Electronics, and Avocent/Cybex KVM switchboxes: Build your own cables and save.

  • ADB Keyboard and Mouse Override for MacOS X, software and instructions on how to get your OS X machine to recognize ADB peripherals not attached at boot time. Also useful if you have a KVM that does not respond to OS X's probing of the bus.

  • MacAlly Two-Button ADB Mouse Driver for MacOS X, a driver for MacOS X which enables the right button on the MacAlly Two-Button ADB mouse.

  • My Volvo 1800E pages, containing stories about and pictures of my addictive little yellow non-computer hobby.

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